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+678-961-0303 Monday-Sunday 09:00 - 17:00 Serving the great state of Georgia

Local Moving Services



Local Movers Atlanta

A relocation that begins and ends within 100 miles without crossing state borders is considered a local move. Local moving rates are based on a per-hour charge, depending on the crew size and number of moving trucks that are brought out to your loading location. Our experienced, professional sales staff will determine the right crew and equipment to best suit your move.

Equipment Provided

All equipment provided by Atlanta Movers is professional, heavy-duty grade. All of the dollies that we use have soft rubber wheels which absorb shock, and safely move items on any type of flooring.

* 24’ or 16’ moving van(s)
* 2 box dollies
* 1 appliance Dollie
* 2 four wheel flat dollies (piano dollies)
* 3 dozen heavy weight moving blankets for furniture and floor protection.
* 7-10 wardrobe boxes to safely relocate your clothing on hangers.
* Plastic shrink wrap to prep furniture for added protection and to keep drawers shut.
* Full set of tools to disassemble/reassemble any item you might have. If a special tool is needed, we would be happy to find one prior to the move date.
* Special parts containers for keys, or hardware.
* Rope and straps to safely secure the load for transport.

How it works ?

1. A clean cut, professional crew arrives to your location on time, and determines the safest and most appropriate place to park the moving van.
2. Job Supervisor will do a “walk-through” with the client to get an idea of what is to be moved, disassembled, special instructions, or items not seen (items in closets, tool sheds).
3. Job supervisor will present a contract, explain valuation options, and get necessary signatures as regulated by the transportation authorities. At this point, the billing time will start.
4. After the crew safely and efficiently loads the moving van, the job supervisor will do another “walk through” to be sure that all item requested have been loaded. At this point, the crew will wait for the client to follow them to unload location, or driving directions can be given to the crew.
5. Crew arrives at unload location, determines a safe place to park the truck, and again does another “walk-through” for any special instructions.
6. After crew safely and efficiently unloads the moving van and all items are re-assembled, the job supervisor will stop the time clock, and present the client with a bill for the work completed. At this point, the client can evaluate the crew through a customer survey.

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